I have been extremely privileged to be part of professional and youth soccer for over 19 years.My experience of living, working and integration into multicultural and diverse countries in Europe, Africa and North America through soccer has been the greatest inspiration for Soccer for Autism Inc. This amazing sport has shown me what a powerful tool soccer can be in developing the physical and mental aspects of children and adolescents from all walks of life. In our holistic approach to serving children and adolescents we use various activities through the arts and sports to include all children across the spectrum.

Everyone related to our organization believes in equal opportunity which allows children with Autism and Intellectual disabilities to benefit from the scientific developments related to professional soccer through sport science, knowledge, technology, empathy and experience.

Nick Kounenakis- Founder of Soccer for Autism

It seems that for success in science or art a dash of autism is essential

Hans Asperger






“Serving Humanity through Soccer Uniting Youth through Sports”

Our programs are designed to serve children and adolescent with disabilities through social skills, physical training and confidence building. We provide a variety of programs which include soccer,  sport related programs,  technology, camps, art and  aquatics.


Our vision is to share and provide our unique soccer training program to children and adolescents from all walks of life worldwide.


Soccer for Autism Inc. is a non profit organization which serves children and adolescents living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual disabilities and Mental Illnesses through soccer (Football).

We are extremely honored to offer unique training programs, activities, opportunities and various sports related programs targeted to improve the  physical and mental attributes  while aiming to increase the social interaction and integration, behavior, and communication skills that are extremely important to the development and quality of life.