Nikos KounenakisFounder and Director of operations
A career spanned over 18-years, Nick has been part at the highest levels of professional soccer as a player and as a coach. He has gained top-flight experience both in Europe and International competitions in Greece, Belgium, Holland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Canada and the U.S. while also having represented the national team of Greece till the age of 22. Nick ‘s experience in the area of professional soccer has allowed him to serve as a guest lecturer in a course at Adelphi University in NY on mental performance and management. He is the founder of Soccer for Autism Inc., director of E.C.E.S LTD Europe & E.C.E.S Illinois Inc., which specializes, in the physical and mental development of youth athletes in Europe and North America. Nick has assisted numerous athletes from all walks of life with the opportunity to improve their lives through soccer.
Sia MavroconstantiDirector of Art and Dance Therapy
Demetri C. Kantzavelos Director of International Relations
Janell Adames Associate Director of Development
Constantia MilidesSpecial education/Autism consultant
Mrs. Milides is an expert and leading teacher for children with Autism. She has over 24 years of experience in teaching and assessing in educational settings across different areas of Autism. Her expertise in ASD includes supporting parents to transit strategies to use at home and in community environment. Mrs. Milides lectures in Australia and Europe covering multiple aspects such as behavioral teaching, individual programs, physical and emotional support, sensory and eating needs, and a teaching curriculum on social, mental, physical and developmental issues. She completed her post grad in special education from the prestigious Melbourne University and has received her teaching degree from Latrobe University in Australia. Mrs.Milides is certified in training and assessing adults and teachers in the field of ASD.
Dr. Nikolaos KoundourakisHead of Sport Science
Dr Nikolaos has worked with elite players and teams at the highest-levels of professional soccer for over 20 years. His knowledge and expertise on sports science and exercise physiology has seen him lecture at numerous conferences worldwide. His world lectures have included: the 7th World Congress on Science & Football, the 9th Annual Conference of Japanese society, the VII World congress on science and football (Turkey, Federation) the 3rd International Football Medicine Congress (Swiss Society of Sports Medicine), and XXXIII FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine (The International Federation of Sports Medicine) His work has been presented in a number of medical journals and findings and Dr Nikolaos is also an editorial member of the prestigious Austin & Publons Sports Medicine Journal. Dr Nikolaos specializes in neurotraining and exercise physiology.
Dr. Tony ZemlinskyHead of Physiotherapy and Aquatics
Tony is a licensed chiropractic physician specializing in sports medicine, physical adaptation, soft tissue mobilization and rehabilitation. Dr. Zemlinsky graduated from NUHS in 2002. Dr. Zemlinsky uses his personal experience as an athlete to evaluate and treat various injuries and is a certified Burdenko specialist. He uses water and rehabilitation programs to improve movement, motor skills and allow faster recovery from trauma. Tony is responsible for individual conditioning and strengthening programs. Dr. Zemlinsky has over 10 years experience of working with kids with ASD and Intellectual disabilities.