Project Description


Our aquatics program provides a safe environment for social interaction and health related benefits affiliated through our various lessons. We focus on numerous physical parameters such as improving movement and motor skills through repetition, strength, co ordination, balance and flexibility, which improve abnormal sensations due to the lack of physical exercise. Our licensed therapists provide the perfect environment to teach and guide the necessary exercises needed to improve and adapt the fundamental and multi directional movements needed. After our initial  assessment we provide the appropriate lessons which run from 30′- 45′. Our lessons range  from 1:1 to a maximum of 1:4.

Our aquatics program is run by Dr. Tony Zemlinsky who is a licensed chiropractic physician specializing in sports medicine, physical adaptation and rehabilitation. He specializes in water therapy to improve movement, motor skills and trauma.Dr. Tony has over 10 years experience working with children with Intellectual disabilities.

Location: 510 East il Route 83 Mundelein, IL 60060 Double Tree Hotel